moving supplies

We carry a full range of packing and moving supplies.  Boxes, Tape, Bubble Packaging, Newsprint, Sofa & Chair Covers, Mattress Covers & Locks available.

Packing Tips



  • Tie bed rails together with rope or tape
  • Mark pieces for easy reassembly
  • Use mattress covers for protection


  • Protect chair legs by wrapping in packing paper
  • Leave slipcovers on sofas & chairs and also cover with plastic covers for protection


  • Clothing that would normally hang in your closet should be stored loosely in a wardrobe box.


  • Use dresser drawers for extra storage space
  • Use for small or fragile items
  • Use for sweaters, blankets or towels


  • Wrap each dish & glass in packing paper
  • Cushion with crumpled paper
  • Pack tightly but do not force items into boxes


  • Remove bulbs & shades from lamp & pack separately using plenty of packing paper to avoid crushing the shade
  • Wrap lamp bases with bubble packaging


  • Wrap in bubble packaging, mirror boxes or blankets
  • Mark FRAGILE & store upright


  • Pack in smaller boxes
  • Pack flat to protect spines
  • Fill spaces with crumpled paper


  • Secure loose parts to the main electronic item
  • Remove cables & wires where possible & tape to the item
  • Labelling wires for stereo equipment makes for easier re-installation

Give your back a break- limit weight of boxes to 30lbs

Books, videos, CD’s and dishes tend to make for heavy boxes-pack in smaller boxes

Label contents of box on sides & top for easier retrieval

Storing Tips

Storing items in a pre-planned order can reduce loading time.

Place skids/pallets on the floor of your room to allow for air circulation and loosely drape a plastic sheet over your items to avoid dust buildup.

When loading into your room, start with the heavier items such as appliances and furniture. This will allow you to place the lighter items on top.

Long items can be stored on their sides (sofas, beds, etc).  This reduces the amount of floor space being used and utilizes the height of the room.

Leave a path to the rear of the room and leave frequently used items at the front.

Use freestanding wall units or shelving since screws and nails in the walls of the storage room are prohibited

Appliances must be thoroughly cleaned and dried and freezer and refrigerator doors should be propped open while storing to avoid mold and mildew buildup.